Pet Supplies

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Looking for the best pet accessories to make travel and living with your dog worry-free?

Formosa Covers has what you need to protect your car seats, trunks and floors from unwanted, hair, dirt, slobber, and grass stains that can come from taking your dog on the road with you. We create our products with as much care and love as you have for your furry friend. They are easy to set up and are portable.

Before you take your dog or cat with you on a road trip there are a few questions you'll want to think about to make sure that you and your furry best friend are comfortable.

1. Are they comfortable on the road? Some animals can get car sick so it's best to have a trial run in the car before a longer trip. 

2. Do they get anxious easily? If your companion has separation anxiety or can get excited easily make sure you have a car seat cover to protect your car seat from any accidents and a barrier to make sure that you are not distracted while on the road. Our Back Seat Barriers are easy to install and help make it safer for both you and your pet while traveling on the road. It can often help to pack your pet's favorite toy, blanket and bed. The familiar scents will help to ease the stress of travel. 

3. What kind of terrain will you be passing by and go to at your destination? Are you going camping or to the beach? Then your dog may get wet, sandy, or muddy! Make sure that you rinse off or wipe off excess debris before returning to your car but in the event you can't get him/her clean you can rest easy knowing your car will be dirt and hair free with one of our back seat covers. If you think your pet might get really dirty perhaps consider one of our Cargo Liners to keep any potential stains contained to the back of your car.

4. Does your pet have any special medical or dietary restrictions? It is always advised to have your pet visit the vet before making a trip to make sure that they are up-to-date with all vaccinations (don't know what kind of bugs are in different regions!) and are in good condition to travel. Also, make sure if you go anywhere with limited clean tap water to bring enough bottled water for your pet too!

We have products that make it easy for you take your pet for all your adventures. Ranging from seat protectors to crate mats and barriers to keep your pet from coming to the front of your car and distracting your driving. Keep your whole family safe and together with our covers.

Whether you have a larger Golden Retriever or a smaller Terrier breed we have the right cover for you. Formosa Covers dog and pet products are perfect for everyday use in the home or on a road trip. They are the perfect gift for any animal lover.