Umbrella Replacement Canopies

A Patio Umbrella can really make a statement in your outdoor living space. You'll want either a neutral, Tan, Beige, Green, Orange to blend into your natural surroundings or be bold with one of our Replacement Canopies in bright Blue, Yellow, Pink, or Purple. Take a look at your current Umbrella Frame. If you have any broken ribs or joints it's time to get a new Umbrella. One of our Wood or Aluminum umbrellas are perfect for this reason. The Wood and Aluminum frame will provide a natural look to your environment and both are durable and long lasting options.

All of our canopies are treated with Anti-UV and water-repellent treatment. While all have vented tops to allow for window to blow through for ventilation, a few of our umbrella canopies are double vented to allow more air but also to provide a unique look that is varied from your typical umbrella covering. If you'd like to be able to control your shade we recommend purchasing one of our umbrellas that have a crank and tilt. This allows you to easily roll up your canopy when you want to use it and wind down when you're done spending time outdoors. Our tilt is another added feature which allows you to guide the umbrella toward maximum sun blockage. Whichever option you choose you will be glad for the sun and light drizzle protection. Don't let any serious sunburns ruin your relaxing time outside.

If your umbrella frame looks good and is still functioning you can save some money by purchasing one of our Replacement Umbrella Canopies . We have over 50 options so you are sure to find a fit. This lets you keep your existing frame and simply slip a new canopy top on. They are also a great option if you are throwing a party that you'd like to have matching umbrellas for. With Formosa Covers Replacement Umbrella Tops, you can change the feel of our patio as frequently as the seasons change.

Installing your umbrella with your current Patio Set has never been easier. You can simply replace your existing umbrella through your table center hole and into your umbrella base or you can directly insert it into your umbrella base.