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Breathe new life into your patio umbrella by switching out your old, tattered, faded umbrella canopy. Our durable and radiant canopies will refresh your living area and add the pop of color that you need.


  • Fits 9ft 6 rib umbrella frame with rib length 52"-54"
  • Double air vents for improved stability in windy conditions
  • 300 denier polyester fabric for durability
  • UV-treated and water-repellent coating for long lasting protection
  • Leather corner pockets for stronger and sturdier support of umbrella frame
  • Replacement umbrella canopy ONLY. Does not fit off-set or cantilever umbrellas.

Size: 9ft 6 rib canopy for rib length 52"-54"

Color: Taupe

SKU: top DV 6 rib taupe