Road-Tripping with Fido

Road-Tripping with Fido

Cyber Team

Thinking about traveling with your dogs? Taking your dog with you on your next trek can make the trip more fun whilst also reducing your worries about leaving them with a sitter or at a kennel. All you need to do is be prepared and plan carefully. Keep these expert tips in mind before you head off on your next adventure with your dog!

Road-Tripping with Fido

Research dog friendly places ahead of the trip: Before traveling with your dog, become familiar with dog friendly hotels, restaurants, stores, and attractions.

Consider where you are going: Consider your environment when you arrive at the final destination. Will you need products for an environment that is colder or hotter than home? Will your dog need extra flea and tick treatments? Will they be spending a lot of time outdoors or more time inside? Then pack and plan accordingly.

Know your dog: Some dogs just aren’t made for traveling long distances no matter how well prepared you are. Is your dog’s personality suitable for travelling by car for a long distance, being on a plane (and being alone if not allowed in the cabin), and being in a brand-new environment around different people? If you are having second thoughts, find a recommended dog sitter, friend, or family member that you and your dog are comfortable with to take care of your pet.

Traveling with your Dogs Packing List

Food and Water: Pack up enough dog food for the duration of the trip plus a few days extra in case of delays. It can be difficult for dogs to suddenly switch food. Do some research before you leave to see if their regular food will be available on your trip or bring enough with you.  If you are unsure about the quality of water source of where you are headed, we suggest taking a few bottles of water to ensure your dog is hydrated throughout the trip and doesn’t get an upset stomach.

Treats: Taking treats with you is always a good idea no matter how comfortable your dog is with traveling. Treats will help calm your dog during or after the most stressful parts of the trip.

Food and Water Dishes:  Remember to take food and water containers for your dog.  Space friendly pop-up dishes are perfect for travel, however if you have the room, taking your dog’s regular food and water is another great option for your pup.

Car Seat Cover, Carrier, and Crate: We highly recommend using our Formosa Covers full coverage pet car seat cover to protect your car’s upholstery while traveling with your dog.  Our cover will keep your leather or fabric car seats clean from hair, paw prints, and slobber. Travel with your dog and pets has never been easier! Perfect for daily use or an extended road trip.  Also be sure to take a carrier or crate with you if any of your road trip stops might require it.

Toys: Don't forget toys when traveling with your dog it is a necessity! Not only will they keep them distracted but playtime can help wear them out to ease stress and your dog's anxiety.

Blankets and Dog Bed: Keep your dog's bed or a few of their blankets in the back of the car. The familiar scent will help to keep them calm and comforted. Blankets will also help keep your pup warm, this is especially important if you are traveling to a cold weather destination.

Collar, Leash and Harness plus ID tags: Take your usual collar and leash/harness and make sure they have ID tags and an extra tag with info on your final destination complete with the best contact number for you while travelling. Pack a spare collar with ID tags and leash if you have space.

Grooming Products: Pack a brush and if you are going for a long trip and/or plan to be doing a lot of outdoor activities also pack shampoo or dry shampoo.

Cleaning and other supplies: Traveling with dogs can get messy. Pack a pet-friendly stain remover, lint brush, and paper towels. Our Formosa Covers pet car seat covers are also a good idea!

Medication and/or supplements: Don't forget your pet's medicine and ensure you have enough for the trip duration plus a few days extra.

Health Certificate and Medical Records: Always take your dog's medical records and vet card when traveling. A health certificate and proof of certain vaccinations will be required if traveling out of the country. It’s a good idea to get the number of an emergency vet at your final destination, just in case!

Road-Tripping with Fido