Protect your investment of your prized Toyota Prius with these super high quality car covers. If your car is exposed to harsh elements, stored outdoors or you simply want the best, this is your cover. This heavy duty car cover works for you indoors and outdoors. You will simply not find a better cover on the market. Excellent for long-term storage.


  • Fits Toyota Prius
  • 3 layers Breathable Polypropylene fabric
  • Heavy duty UV treated to protect your car from sun damage
  • Water repellent treated to protect your car from rain and water damage
  • Elastic cord around the front and rear bottom trim
  • Reinforced poly grommets are at the center for security and a nice fit
  • It also allows you room to put a cable lock.

Size: 177"L x 70"W x 54.5"H

Color: Charcoal Grey

SKU: car prius
Car Cover for Toyota Prius 177"L x 70"W x 54.5"H

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