Motorcycle Covers


If you love your bike so much, then the best way to show it is to care for it.’s wide selection of motorcycle covers such as scooter covers, vespa covers, motorcycle storage covers, and Harley motorcycle covers will help you say goodbye to mold, mildew, rain, snow, and most importantly dents, and scratches. Motorcycle covers from are guaranteed to fit any motorcycle as we offer the widest selection of motorcycle bike covers for nearly all types and sizes.

If you have a Vespa or a scooter, we provide you Vespa covers and scooter covers. If you are the type of rider who loves travelling cross-country using your motorcycle, then invest in Harley motorcycle covers for your Harley. While not all motorcycle covers are waterproof, we at guarantee you that ours are. Our vast inventory of motorcycle bike covers offers the highest protection against harsh, external elements that could bring damage to your rides. Protect the engine and the paint of your motorcycle by buying motorcycle covers to cover them up when they are not in use.

Our reasonably-priced motorcycle covers are the best in the market and our loyal customers can attest to that. You can choose from full and half-bike motorcycle covers or you can invest in lightweight motorcycle covers if you are the lightpacker type. We also have several heavy duty motorcycle covers that come with cables, locks, night reflectors, and emblems as added protection for your vehicles too. Aside from high quality and durable motorcycle covers, we also carry other accessories for your scooters, Vespa, BMWs, Harley Davidsons, and Yamahas. Motorcycle accessories include helmet carrying bags, backpacks, and gas tank bags.

With the maximum protection against both indoor and outdoor elements, motorcycle covers will provide the best defense against bird droppings, tree sap, damaging UV rays, and even industrial pollutants while you’re storing them on certain occasions. Using our Vespa covers and Harley motorcycle covers means that you can now breathe a sigh of relief because you are assured of the safety and security of your motorcycles when you store them in your garage or keep them outside.