$9.99 USD

  • KEEP YOUR PET FEEDING AREA CLEAN: Our furry friends can't help but get excited about food. Now you don't have to worry about the excess water or food rolling onto your kitchen floor which can be uncomfortable to step or slip on.
  • SUPERIOR HOLD: Our Honeycomb Ridges are specially designed to efficiently provide pockets to trap water and kibbles on the mat. The design traps any liquids in place so that it does not roll around and make a mess. Extra grip dots on the backside prevent the mat from moving from even the strongest of paws for additional safety measures.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY FURRY FRIEND: Great for your dog or cat feeder bowls. Works with flat or raised containers.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Simply pat the mat against the floor to remove excess materials then easily spray down with a garden house with water.
  • SMALL SIZE: 18 inches by 23 inches flexible shape means it won't crack or break and you can easily roll it up for travel.
SKU: Pet feeding mat 1823 latte