Bicycle Covers for Transportation

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Complete Protection On-the-Go: All-Weather Bike Covers for E-Bikes, MTBs, Road bikes and More. 

Explore our large range of bike covers designed to secure your bicycles during transportation on RVs, trucks, SUVs, and more. Our collection features a variety of covers, including waterproof, heavy-duty, and fully enclosing options, tailored for hitch racks, two-bike racks, and even four-bike racks. Offering protection against rain, dirt, snow and UV exposure, our covers ensure that your investment is well-protected while on the move. Compatible with popular e-bike and mountain bike brands, our covers provide the highest level of protection, securing your equipment from road debris and adverse weather conditions. Worried about your bikes reaching their destination unharmed and ready to ride? Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our premium bike covers guarantee the utmost security, convenience, and optimal protection for all your travel adventures. Still unsure? Check out the most commonly asked questions below.

  1. Q: How do these covers fare in extreme weather conditions? A: Our covers are designed to withstand various weather conditions, providing protection against rain, UV exposure, and dust, ensuring your bikes remain in top condition during travel.

  2. Q: Are these covers compatible with specific bike brands? A: Yes, our covers are compatible with many popular e-bike and mountain bike brands, ensuring a secure fit for your valuable equipment. 

  3. Q: What's the advantage of fully enclosing covers? A: Fully enclosing covers offer comprehensive protection by shielding your bikes from all sides, safeguarding them from road debris and adverse weather conditions, which partial covers may not provide.

  4. Q: Do these covers fit specific bike rack models? A: Yes, our covers are versatile and suitable for various bike rack types, including hitch racks and trunk mount bike racks, offering a secure fit for your specific travel needs. Popular Hitch Mount Bike Brands include: Thule Bike Racks, Hollywood, Swagman

  5. Q: How durable are these covers? A: Crafted from heavy-duty, high-quality materials, our covers are designed for long-lasting durability, ensuring they endure the rigors of travel and protect your bikes effectively.