Replacement Umbrella Canopy

Getting a new umbrella can be expensive. That’s why we developed a variety of Replacement Umbrella Canopies to give new life to your umbrellas at far less cost than buying an entirely new one. With a variety of colors to choose from you can add some pop or change the theme of your outdoor living space at an affordable price. 

Made of Water Resistant, UV-Treated, Non-Fray 300 Denier Poly-Fabric it will last you all season long. This is not a lightweight cheap fabric that you will see in the market. It is a mid-weight fabic with high-end touches and quality stiching. Your friends, family and neighbors will defintely think you spent a lot upgrading your Umbrella. You can tell them you bought a Formosa Covers Umbrella Replacement Canopy... or not!

Be sure to count and measure the number of ribs to select the best option for you.